Merinos wool
Mulesing free

We select the best merinos wool for the production of warm and soft tights, knee highs, short socks, unshrinkable, superwash to maintain the best characteristics of softness and fit even after numerous washing. The wool is an animal fiber, natural and biodegradable, and if used in thin units can turn into tights and elegant items, while if used in more units it originates to tights and opaque items with weaves and extremely comfortable winter jacquard.

in recycled fiber

Calzificio Primato SRL is following its ideal for eco-sustainability and the growing demand for more eco-friendly products, offers and produces with synthetic yarns: polyamide, polyester, recycled elastane and recycled vegetable yarns from the reuse, at the end of their life cycle, of textile and shirt.
This allows us to reduce the consumption of natural resources, to reduce the production of CO2 and other negative impacts arising from the production.

in natural fibers

Calzificio Primato SRL uses mainly certified organic kinds of cotton in its children and new women collections. The cotton is a natural fiber with good resistance and pleasant to the skin contact. It has the quality of breathability and absorption of body moisture. It is a yarn present in many counts and finesses able to allow a wide use with different machines for smooth items or with micro patterns.