In a circular economy, every end is the basis for a new beginning

With special thinking to the products that we sell around the world, we have included in our collection A/I 2020 numerous innovative consumer products made from regenerated yarns from textile clothing that come to life in a pair of tights or yarn obtained from the recycling of plastic waste.
New raw materials used in the production processes also involve the innovation to achieve results of comfortable tights to reach the style and elegance of each consumer.

Also for the packaging of tights for large scale distribution, a constant research is operated by the replacement of materials less polluting of plastic and all the substances that can generate pollution.
We produce and offer consumer products with a long life. By increasing the life cycle of our products, we contribute to the consequent reduction of products to be disposed of.

“The world is a beautiful place and it’s worth a fight for.”


Polyester yarn 100% originated
by sea recycled plastic.

Polyester yarn 100% originated by sea recycled plastic.