Quality and quantity

Production of socks and tights 100% Made in Italy.

For more than 50 years we have been exporting products of the highest quality all over the world, originated from the use of natural yarns.

Each collection is followed in all phases of the production process, quality control is carried out in several occasions aimed at verifying the creation of an excellent finished product.

Our factory has invested in advanced and high technological machinery that allow us to perform different customization, thanks to precise processes applied to the collections commissioned by the customer.



In the realization of the products, the first choice is addressed to the yarns to be used in terms of count, nature, and composition.
We offer a wide range of opaque tights.


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We have our production and knitting department. Equipped with machinery of different cylinders and needles, we make a wide range of products with different weights and compositions.


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Sewing process

The seaming phase doesn’t take place in our factory but at an exclusive subcontractor specialized in 4 needle seam in our production district of Castel Goffredo.


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The laboratory inside our dyeing department allows us: a perfect digitalized formulation and dosage of chemical substances and dyes.


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Tights and seamless items are dyed in the latest rotary machines generation to save energy and reduce water consumption.


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Tumble dryer

Drying of heavy tights and seamless items happens in tumble dryer machines that give softness and ennoblement to the materials.


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Steam ironing

The steam-fixing is also internally realized, with accurate temperature, steam and timing adjustments to ensure quality standards.


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The packaging and coding phase of the products are customized, in proper and accurate way for every individual Customers’ Brand.


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Every day, from our large warehouses, thousands of pairs are shipped all over the world following logistical efficiency in the storage and packaging.


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